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These resources have been professionally designed to supplement the Computer Science Curriculum and are freely available to any type of school.


Materials are well suited to Key Stage 3 and 4 and seek to deliver knowledge and understanding of:

  • Career related opportunities in the world of cyber security

  • The current threat landscape

  • Defensive strategies

  • Teenage involvement in cyber crime and questions of ethical and moral conduct

  • Programming challenges written in C#, and Pyhon

  • Links to games, activities and other online opportunities


Lesson Material (PowerPoint)

Cyber Careers

Lesson Materials (PowerPoint)

Tackling Cyber Threats


Lesson Material (.doc)

Hacking Accounts

Lesson Material (.doc)

Connectivity Security Issues

Lesson Material (.doc)

Malicious Activity


Lesson Material (PowerPoint)

Creating An Encryption Program

Answers (doc)

Lesson Material (PowerPoint)

Creating A Dictionary Attack

Answers (doc)

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